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    Trust Power Maintenance Service as the Leader in Janitorial Services in Elk Grove Village.

    Providing Office Cleaning in Elk Grove Village since 1994

    Janitorial Services Elk Grove Village

    Our reputation for providing janitorial services in Elk Grove Village has grown over the past 25 years. We are the trusted commercial cleaning company in the area because of our attention to detail and our focus on making sure you look your best.

    Our office cleaning service provides the businesses of Elk Grove with personalized reliability to achieve the highest standard of cleaning and sanitation. Whether you operate an industrial facility, a commercial or retail space, or a residential high-rise, Power Maintenance Service is here to keep your operation running efficiently and safely through a clean environment.

    Make your first impression a clean one with Power Maintenance Service.

    The Leading Company for Janitorial Services in Elk Grove Village, IL is Power Maintenance Service Inc.

    Power Maintenance Service provides unmatched janitorial services in Elk Grove Village for all kinds of businesses. These include corporate offices, fitness centers, medical facilities, industrial warehouses, schools, and retail locations. For added convenience, our professional services are available 24 hours a day.

    Our fully trained team of specialists, which includes supervisors, porters, and janitorial professionals, provide the highest quality commercial cleaning services in Elk Grove Village. Our team is one of the most expertly trained in the corporate cleaning services sector. And because we take pride in that, we use the most cutting-edge cleaning equipment in the industry to ensure that every job is completed with the highest of standards at a modest cost.

    Thanks to our superior cleaning technology, we are able to boost the efficiency of our cleaning teams. This allows us to keep labor costs low by appropriately allocating our crews and minimizing inefficient use of cleaning supplies. This has helped us to control costs and pass those savings on to you. At the same time, we improve quality while providing janitorial services in Elk Grove Village that promotes a safe, secure, and healthy working environment.

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